A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A game inspired by the classic "Missile Command", (C) Atari, 1980.


Music & SFX by Eric Matyas, www.soundimage.org
Font "Space Age" by Justin Callaghan, mickeyavenue.com
Explosion based upon graphics by Ville Seppanen, villeseppanen.com

Enemy missiles are launched at your planet, and only YOU can save the day. Tap on the playfield to launch your anti-missiles to destroy incoming missiles before they reach your planet.
But there is a catch: enemy missiles can't be hit directly, but must be caught in the explosion of an anti-missile. Anticipate the path of a missile and launch your anti-missiles accordingly.

But there is more...

Enemy missiles come in three different shapes. Choose the launchpad with the same shape, then launch your anti-missile. Anti-missiles with different shapes than the missile have no effect.

But there is still more.

If a missile hits your planet, your shield is reduced. Destroy two missiles at the same time for bonus points and a shield bonus. Tap on the shield bonus to recharge your shield or gain a bonus if your shield is full.

And that is all?

No. After a while a boss will appear. Hit the boss with anti-missiles of the same shape as himself. You don't get any shield bonus as long as the boss is around, so get rid of it.

And this goes on forever?

No. You have to survive 10 levels to win the game. Try to score as much points as possible for personal satisfaction.
Then try again to beat your highscore.

• No ads
• No in in-app-purchases
• needs very few rights on your device
• low hardware requirements
• easy to master, fun to play


ShapeCommand1.apk 12 MB
ShapeCommand1.exe 5 MB

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